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Who runs the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) Program?
The TBI is owned and operated by DETI Goverment of India.
How can I be accepted into the program?
If your business idea meets the criteria for admission, the first step usually involves setting up an informal exploratory meeting to introduce your business plans to the Incubator staff and visit TBI facilities. If your business is deemed appropriate for TBI, the next and final step is to submit a formal application with a business plan for review. The Incubator staff can assist prospective ventures with their business plans.
What does the admission process consist of?
After the completed application is submitted, a meeting is set up with TBI staff to determine if the applicant is a legitimate candidate. If so, TBI forms a review committee comprised of members who have expertise in whatever disciplines appropriate for this particular application. This technical assessment procedure is both a quantitative and qualitative review. After this phase is cleared, the entrepreneur is requested to submit a business plan. The plan is reviewed and if approved, TBI comes up with mutually agreeable goals-milestones that the incubator expects the entrepreneur to accomplish during his tenure at TBI. Finally, the application is forwarded to the approving authority for final acceptance.
How can the Incubator Program help me?
From shared resources to in-house assistance with technology development assistance, business planning, access to resource centres and access to potential investors, the Incubator Program is designed to help technology ventures.
Do I have to sign a standard commercial lease?
Incubator leases are designed to give entrepreneurs the greatest possible flexibility. Leases guarantee the rental fees for one year, but allow entrepreneurs to move out, add space, or consolidate their offices with short notice.
What kind of Internet access is available?
Members have access to a shared, Internet connection. However, members also have their option of engaging their own ISP serving them with Internet connection.
Are there any jobs available at the Incubator?
The Incubator is home to young and growing enterprises that often have full and part-time positions available.
Is it possible to visit the Incubator?
If you are interested to seeing the facilities and undertake discussions on our program, please contact the DETI@ACE.
What happens to firms after they leave DETI@ACE?
Typically the entrepreneurs, who graduate from DETI@ACE set up their operations in any one of the commercial complexes or technology parks available in the State.
Are all TBI firms technology based?
Yes, this is a basic requirement for admission toDETI@ACE.
Why does DETI@ACE have a technology-based focus?
TBI is located in a technology park to nurture entrepreneurial talents in using science & technology for economic development. There are parks and commercial complexes available in the State specifically established for other types of business.
What is the average stay for DETI@ACE firms?
The duration of license to operate in the incubator program shall be for a term of 11 months. An extension of one more term of 11months shall be considered on a case-by-case basis based on the recommendation of the expert committee. These entrepreneurs shall move out of incubator at the end of the license period whether they have graduated* or not.
What advantages DETI@ACE firms realize by being associated with TB I?
TBI offers several benefits for start-up ventures, including the ambience and the presence of a technology community. Primary opportunities for the ventures result from enhanced availability to TBI resources, both physical and intellectual. These factors have the potential for significantly reducing premature failure rates of new ventures. The program also provides an opportunity for TBI to directly respond to the State's economic development needs, thereby enhancing employment opportunities for its science & technology graduates. Entrepreneurs can draw upon the experience and expertise of TBI’s panel of mentors and consultants.
I still have specific questions about TBI that are not answered here. Whom should I contact?
How long does the review process take place?
Reviews are scheduled once the technical and business plans are in acceptable form. Assembling the appropriate panel may take a week or two depending on the availability of the reviewers desired.
How long does it take to move in after the reviews are successfully completed?
The entrepreneur can move in to TBI in about two weeks’ time, if the place is readily available and the license agreement is signed. Phone connection and Internet access could be made available within 10 days. Any special furniture, modifications to the office module, special power requirements etc. may require additional time depending upon the extent of work required.