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DETI@ACE works to achieve the following objectives.

- Identify entrepreneurial talents
- Promote an entrepreneurial culture in South India
- Assist the entrepreneurs to build technology-based enterprises.
- Introduce entrepreneurial skills to the students of Technical Institutions. 
- Address the technology based entrepreneurship development requirements 
  in the traditional sectors of South India- Train the entrepreneurs in 
  technology and business management.
- Build appropriate training programmes suitable for Tamilnadu socio-economic 
- Identify market niche for technology products and services to be addressed 
  by entrepreneurs.
- Interfacing and networking  among academic, R&D institutions, industries 
  and financial institutions
- Undertake Research & Development activities and build a workable model of 
  technology based Entrepreneurship in Tamilnadu.
- Establishing a platform for speedy commercialization of the technologies 
  developed in the institutes to reach the end-users


DETI@ACE is committed to promote and encourage Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship by providing quality environment including quality infrastructure, mentoring and all support services essential for budding entrepreneurs thereby fostering a globally competitive entrepreneur friendly environment through networking with the academia, government and industry by continual improvement of business activities.