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ArcGIS  10  Master  Lab  Kit  for  Windows  2000/XP Consisting  of  the  following:-

     Arcinfo  10 (Desktop & Workstation) (Concurrent  Use)   

        ArcEditor  10 (Desktop) (Concurrent)

        ArcView    10 (Desktop)(Concurrent)

        ArcGIS  Extensions (Desktop)


       (Concurrent) Including

          1.ArcGIS  Spatial analyst.

          2.ArcGIS  3D Analyst.

          3.ArcGIS  Geostatical  Analyst.

          4.ArcGIS  Geostatistical  Analyst.

          5.ArcScan  for  ArcGIS.

          6.Maplex  for  ArcGIS.

          7.ArcGIS  Publisher.

          8.ArcGIS  Press.

       Arc  View   10  Lab  Kit (Desktop)

       Auto   Plotter  5.x  Educational Version 

OPS GIS is a professional set of GIS tools specifically developed for reading the Indian Survey of India and Mil-Survey DGN files. OPS GIS tools are powerful desktop mapping and GIS tools for complete processing of DGN files to provide full GIS functions for the DGN CAD files. The OPS GIS is modular with a Indian Map Management System with 1M, 250K, 50K and 25K map girds (old and new (OSM and DSM) grids). OPS GIS can access geospatial data in your internal or external database warehouse with the built-in RDBMS database engine. Collection of toposheets published by survey f India (SOI).