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To become the best Technology Business Incubator in the Asia Pacific region by identifying and promoting the potential innovators and entrepreneurial talents all over the region and to bring excellence to the technology and knowledge-driven business startups in their early-stages itself, through technology and business incubation , there by enhancing the culture and climate of technopreneurship in the nation.
  • To make DETI@ACE a Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship development and a leading R & D centre for the commercialization of Innovative Technologies.
  • Provide infrastructure, management assistance, financial resources, and support networks that enable new and emerging companies to succeed and prosper creating value-added jobs for the region through the commercialization of technology.
  • Spot and support the launch, growth, stabilization and long-term success of the incubator companies.
  • To create, regulate and sustain a globally competitive entrepreneur friendly environment.
  • An appropriate tool for the economic development by promoting technology/ knowledge-based home grown companies , culture of Technopreneurship for creating Job Providers